House Rules

Hit Points after first level

Instead of rolling your hit points when leveling up, you may choose to instead gain half your hit die size, plus one (same as a PFS character would). You must make this choice BEFORE rolling. Choosing not to roll does not stop you from using hit point retraining as if you had rolled that number.



The outfit that your character is currently wearing (such as the free outfit you start with) doesn’t count towards your carrying capacity, because I don’t want to penalize you for not being naked.


Anyone trained in Spellcraft can attempt to scribe a spell into a spellbook.

Racial Equipment/Spells

Racial equipment and magic items will not be available outside of settlements with no sizable population of that race; they still follow standard availability inside those settlements.

Racial spells are only freely available to members of that race; members of other races must be taught, and only members of that race understand those spells well enough to teach them. Spontaneous casters that convince an NPC to teach them a racial spell can choose to use one of their Spells Known slots to learn the spell when they level up, or may retrain one of their existing spells known.

Magic Item Creation


An alchemist counts as a spellcaster for the purposes of taking Item Creation feats, but their extracts do not count as spells for the purposes of spell trigger or completion items.


Any magic item listed in the Core Rulebook is fair game for crafting purposes; these effects are widely known enough that anyone with the appropriate feats can make them.

Items outside CRB are up to GM discretion; some, like runestones of power, are close enough to CRB items that they’ll be allowed without restriction; others may require research before your character understands how to make them. Spending eight hours studying an existing magic item teaches you how to make it, if you already have the feats required to make it.

Finally, caster level will be a hard prerequisite; no making a higher level item just by increasing the Spellcraft DC.


You can work with other characters to provide any prerequisite required (including caster level) to create any magic item, except spell completion or trigger items (wand, staves, and scrolls), which you must make on your own.


Anyone who can craft magic items can upgrade them as well. The GP and time required is based upon the difference in price between the final item and its current form; for example, upgrading a +1 weapon to a +2 weapon costs 3,000gp and 6 days. If you have any trait or other effect that reduces the cost of making an item, only apply this after determining the upgrade cost, even if you used this discount when originally creating the item.

The Spellcraft DC to upgrade the item is the same as the DC to craft the final item from scratch, and you must meet all of the prerequisites of the final item (or increase the DC, as normal).

Unlike PFS rules, I will allow you to upgrade items to their obvious improved versions; flaming weapons can be upgraded to flaming burst, lesser bracers of archery can be upgraded to greater bracers of archery, etc.


As this adventure path involves a lot of caravan travel, any magic item creation will most likely take place while traveling. You may craft magic items while riding in any wagon (except a supply wagon), but doing so prevents you from performing any caravan job other than “hero”, and the Spellcraft DC to make increases by 2, due to the motion of the wagon.

Alternatively, you may limit your crafting time to periods where the caravan is stopped for breaks, such as evenings. Doing so only allows for 4 hours of work per day, but does not automatically increase the Spellcraft DC, and allows you to perform a caravan job while traveling.

Finally, the days spent craft do not need to be consecutive, and an item being upgraded may continue to be used as its pre-upgrade form without penalty.

Combining Magic Items

As per the CRB, you may make magic items that combine multiple magic item effects, i.e., a ring that is both a ring of invisibility and a ring of protection +1. The price of these combined items is the price of the most expensive item, plus +150% of the price of each additional effect.

When combing magic items, the following effects never count as the “most expensive”, and do not have their price increased:

  • Ability score belts and headbands (except when combining with other ability score belts/headbands), i.e. belt of incredible dexterity or headband of vast intelligence.
  • Rings of protection
  • Amulets of natural armor
  • Bracers of armor
  • Cloaks of resistance

House Rules

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