Character Creation


Before you begin making your character, you should consult three things:

  1. The Jade Regent Player’s Guide. The Player’s Guide will give you advice on what kinds of characters will fit in with the campaign, as well as introduce you to some of the important NPCs (with campaign traits to give you ties to them), and includes the caravan and relationship rules (point of clarification: XP rewards from the relationship system are party awards, not individual).
  2. The Additional Rules wiki page; this will cover all of the optional rules we’ll be using from various books; this could affect how you choose to build your character.
  3. Your fellow players. Not only will you want to make sure you’ve got certain party roles covered, you’ll want to discuss your characters relations with each other, as well as the important NPCs introduced in the Player’s Guide.

Finally, please don’t use the fact that we’re playing in campaign mode as an excuse to make a stupid-OP character. Your fellow players may not be happy with how trivial you make the combat encounters, and no one enjoys constantly being over-shadowed.

Character page

Once your character has been created, be sure to make a character page (“Characters” on the sidebar, click the “+” sign in the upper right of the page). At minimum you’ll want to include a physical description and a basic background, including what your relationship is with your fellow party members and any NPCs you might have ties to.

Allowed Material

First-party material only, and nothing from other adventure paths or modules. Beyond that, consider the PFS Additional Resource rules as a good starting point, but everything is up to GM discretion; I may opt to allow things PFS doesn’t, or (less likely) ban options it allows. Don’t be afraid to ask.


No evil alignments, and casting spells with the “evil” descriptor are always a one-step shift towards evil. If you become evil during the course of play, characters will begin to distrust you, and your character may have to be retired if you do not receive an atonement.

Ability Scores

20 point buy. Enough said.


Core races (drow-related alternate racial traits are a no-no) and Dragon Empires races are allowed; anything else at GM discretion.


Everyone gets Common as a bonus language.


All, except the APG Summoner, without any of the adjustments PFS makes. Keep in mind that if you’re wanting to play a gunslinger, the adventure path won’t include firearms as loot, and I’m not going to change that.


Same as PFS, with some exceptions, at GM discretion. If there’s an archetype you want to use that PFS has banned, ask, and I’ll take a look at it. Keep in mind that I’m not likely to allow some of the firearm-related archetypes, especially the ones for spellcasters, simply because Golarion is supposed to be “emerging firearms”.


Leadership is banned, but Item Creation feats are not.


Two traits, as standard. While they aren’t mandatory, I highly recommend considering one of the campaign traits from the Player’s Guide.


As I said on the Additional Rules page, we will be using the Background Skills rule from Pathfinder Unchained (link to the PRD on page). Essentially, everyone gets two free skill points to spend on “background” skills, which are the skills less likely to be used while adventuring.


You start with average money for your class. Anything you can craft by taking 10 on the skill check you can purchase at crafting cost.


The Jade Regent campaign uses the medium advancement track.

Character Creation

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