Additional Rules

Advanced Player’s Guide

All new rules from the Advanced Player’s Guide will be used. The “antihero” option will NOT be allowed; your ungrateful arse WILL get hero points, and you’ll damn well like it.

Ultimate Campaign


The retraining rules are allowed. Keep in mind that some retraining requires a trainer and/or training facilities; retraining without them doubles the time it takes (but doesn’t change the gp cost). Using retraining to learn a new language always requires a trainer, period.

Since caravan travel plays a large part in this campaign, retraining can be broken up over non-consecutive days, and days spent travelling can be used as half a day of retraining.

Pathfinder Unchained


All Unchained classes are allowed (and encouraged).

Fractional Base Bonuses

This rule is in effect; if you aren’t using traditional multiclassing (as opposed to Variant Multiclassing, below), this doesn’t apply to you.

Background Skills

We will use the Background Skills system; Artistry will be allowed, but Lore will not (due to this being a travelling campaign, and Lore is supposed to be hyper-focused).

Skill Unlocks

Allowed; anyone who qualifies may take the Signature Skill feat.

Variant Multiclassing

Allowed but optional.


We will be tracking alignment using the Unchained system; everyone starts out at the far end of their chosen alignment, or centered for neutral alignments. For example, a neutral good character will start at 5 on the law/chaos scale, and 1 on the good/evil scale.

Don’t expect a lot of alignment shifts; we’re just using this in case it comes up.

Stamina and Combat Tricks

All Fighters gain the Combat Stamina feat for free at level one, and it cannot be gained any other way. In addition, characters only get the Combat Tricks associated their fighter bonus feats.

Esoteric Material Components

Allowed as optional components, including lowering your caster level to use less components.

Scaling Items

You might find some of these as treasure, but you can never craft them yourselves, nor will you find them available for purchase.

Alchemy Manual

Spontaneous Alchemy

Why yes you can.

Additional Rules

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