Jade Regent

Working Title

Session 3

Events of Interest!

The ballista killed some goblins (50XP) and we got a cargo unit of treasure. Later we killed some bandits (150XP) and got some more treasure.
After two weeks we are down 7 units of food stuff and up 3 units of repair materials.
Old lady got all weird, saying things like “Old treasure in a seal in a vault” and “what you seek lies in the fear of the ten handed something”?

Very nice graveyard is visited, 5/5, would inter again. Plus we got 3 flasks of holy water.

There was a horrid castle that was a pain to enter, and now we are killing stupid acid skulls that were the worst (300XP).

We killed some terrible smelly things, found some sweet gear, and fought some more smelly things (750XP).

More loot was found, and a gross ogre was murdered (300XP), and then we met a rather surly barbarian who is now in our caravan much to Lilith’s chagrin.

Holy cow, we almost died a lot against something rather scary…. (700XP)

The next day we went back and killed some more Troglodytes (200XP) , found some loot, killed a lizard (150XP).

Finally, they killed a metric crap-ton of stupid bird people…. (800XP)

Total XP: 6360

Relationships Leader Board!


Sweet, Sweet Loot!

a suit of half-plate armor, a heavy wood shield, four heavy crossbows, 40 crossbow bolts.
mwk morning star, large mwk dagger, earth elemental gem, +1 returning starknife, mwk heavy steel shield, 1st level pearl of power, ring of the ram

5 Scrolls of Cure Light Wounds (x2), False Life (x1), Water Walk (x1)
3 Flasks of Holy Water

2 cargo of treasure (125gp, 250gp)
fancy dress (390gp?)



scpredmage Gray_the_Chronicler

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