Jade Regent

Wodes is Stupid (A Working Title)

Previously on The West Wing….

Wodes was an awakened raven, but he would never be our friend. We learned the secret purpose of this place, to survive the apocalypse, and then more ninjas were killed. The Hellwasp Swarm still remains.

And now…..

We decided to keep the monsterous hellswarm incased in its glass tomb. Seemed like a good idea. Then we headed to the basement of doom to see if there were any cool trinkets. In a feat of acrobatics, we leap across a pond and pull the paladin across. In this weird toilet place, we find a toilet and some evil hoods that we kill.

In the toilet, we find Suishen for Dyna.

After some sleepy times, we return to fight even more ninja, and we meet so many monks. Just… so many… In the bedroom of the one monk/ninja lady, we found a Writ signed by Sven Bloodeagle (it’s a forgery).

Later we found a secret tunnel, some sweet loot, an evil circle, and it was fairly useful for the loot pile. Later we found the Ogre Mage runs this joint. Finally we killed a really nice wolf and a really mean Olf.

Loot: 74,346.00gp

14 grenades (fugitives, 750gp), 50 amethests (30gp ea), 17 gold arm rings (25 gp ea), ivory/onyx necklace (c20), writing kit (c20), diamond (300 – C22), 3 mwk Wakizashi ( 335gp), 225 arrows (5 sp), 22 spears (1 gp), 1 Scabbard of Vigor (1800), 1 +1 Shortspear (2301), 1 mwk sickle (306), 1 mwk short sword (310), 9 short swords (10gp), 3 battle axes (15), 7 light wooden shields (7gp), 1 MWK great Axe (320), 2 mwk throwing axes (308 gp), 3 masterwork battleaxes (315gp), 1 mwk Heavy Wooden Shield (157), 6 Chainshirt (100), 1 mwk chainmail (300), 2 chainmail (150). 1 mwk Chainshirt (250), 16 tindertwigs, 12 mwk shortbows, 15 mwk thieves, 23 Shinobi-Shozoku (50 gp each), 15 mwk sianghams (303gp), 36 potions of vanish (50gp), 53 jade raven statuates, broach (20gp), needlecase (15gp), hnefataf (120gp), 3 runestones (35), 20 blocks of tian incense (10gp), cash voucher (80gp), 5 short swords with silver pommel caps (20 gp), 3 small bales of fine angora wool (15 gp), platinum lion’s head armring (350 gp), walrus ivory pommel cap (worth 330 gp), 5x silver ringed pin brooches (worth 10 gp each), 3 blowguns (2gp), 30 blowgun darts (2 cp), 6 wolf pelts (250gp – c18)
jeweled box brooch (worth 150 gp), gold neck ring (worth 50 gp), 9 daggers (2gp)
fine felt cloak (worth 10 gp), gold and copper box brooch (worth 70 gp), 48 gold lion’s head arm-rings (35 gp each), 3x fine felt cloaks (worth 15 gp each), 9 leather amour (10gp)
gold ringed pin brooch (worth 25 gp), 5x silver pommel caps taken from defeated rivals (worth 10 gp each), 2x silk rope (10gp), ornate statuette (100 gp), oaken statuette (10gp), 4 climber kits (80gp), pearl necklace (900gp – guardian of the trail), Nacreous Gray Ioun Stone (10,000gp), shozuku of the night wind (sell for 6,000gp), Deadly Kiss (sell for 5,302gp), gold and silver brooches and arm-rings (2,100 gp), +1 longsword (sell for 1147.5gp), 2 amulets of natural armor +1 (2000), Oathbreaker (sell for 9,440 gp), blowgun (d8, 200gp), 100 trade bars (5gp ea), 20 trade bars (50gp ea), 2 silver braziers (75 gp ea), 23 gilded drinking horns of various beasts, each worth 15 gp, and one made from an aurochs horn and set with citrines worth 135 gp., mwk composite longbow (large, +7), vial of powdered silver (d11, 60gp), 4 moonstones (d11, 30gp ea), 3 arcane scroll of magic circle against evil (375gp), scroll of animate dead (375gp), wand of command undead (9 charges, 810gp), wand of flame arrow (10 charges, 2210gp), 6 battleaxe, 6 spear, 6 mwk siangham, 6 mwk shortbow, 2 blowguns, 3 daggers, mwk wakizashi, 6 masterwork spears, 12 thunderstones (30gp)
plus miscellaneous gold/silver/copper pieces

1 scroll of Cure Light Wounds
3 scrolls of Cure Moderate Wounds
1 scroll of remove disease
1 scroll of restoration
1 potion of cure moderate wounds
1 potion of divine favor
1 potion of blur
5 potions disguise self
6 doses of blue winnis (120 ea – black market only)
4 doses of death blade (1800 ea – black market only)

2 Cargo Units (125, 125)
jade bracelet (25gp -C8)
antique painted ebony fan (250gp -C8)
Tien screen (d8, 200gp)

To be Appraised
shrine loot (~210gp – C8)
large tomido


scpredmage Gray_the_Chronicler

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