Jade Regent

We're on a Boat

Events of Interest!

The boats were burning (cue Midnight Oil), so we escaped on some canoes. It was cool. Going to the safehouse turned out to be an ambush where an earth elemental attacked us.

Our contact was apparently abducted (blue winnis poison left at the scene), and we found a giant feather.

Lilith made friend with a helmet, and they learned that assassins be all up ons and pretending to be guilds.

We robbed the guild, and freed our contact. Later we killed a big bug and some Teenage Mutant Ninja Tengu.

Later we fought a crap ton of birds and ninjas and ninja-wannabes.

Total XP: 14710

Sweet, Sweet Loot!

Scabbard of Vigor (1800)
masterwork chainmail
masterwork heavy wooden shield
+1 shortspear
masterwork sickle
masterwork short sword
two masterwork battleaxes
MWK great Axe
MWK Chainshirt
4x MWK Shortbow
4x MWK Siangham

8 Scrolls of Cure Light Wounds (x1), Cure Moderate Wounds (x3 L), remove disease (x1), restoration (x1)
3 Flasks of Holy Water
1 potions of cure mod
potion of divine favor
pair of boots of elvenkind
8 potions of vanish
1 potion of disguise self

2 Cargo Units (125, 125)
48 gold lion’s head arm-rings (worth 35 gp each (35 gp each)
Aril’s Hammer (boat for 40 ulfens) – do what?
platinum lion’s head armring (350 gp)
gold neck ring (worth 50 gp)
fine felt cloak (worth 10 gp)
gold ringed pin brooch (worth 25 gp)
gold and copper box brooch (worth 70 gp)
2x silk rope (50 feet)
walrus ivory pommel cap (worth 330 gp)
jeweled box brooch (worth 150 gp)
3x fine felt cloaks (worth 15 gp each)
15x copper neck rings (worth 2 gp each)
5x silver ringed pin brooches (worth 10 gp each)
5x silver pommel caps taken from defeated rivals (worth 10 gp each)
an ornate whalebone tally stick (worth 75 gp)
3x small bales of fine angora wool (worth 15 gp each),
5x short swords with silver pommel caps (worth 20 gp each)
330 gold in crap (boat crap)
3x masterwork thieves tolls
5x Shinobi-Shozoku (50 gp each)
pearls – guarding of the trail

Unknown Ioun Stone – anti-aging

Gold: 6555.3 gp


scpredmage Gray_the_Chronicler

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