Jade Regent

Cause we got a little old convoy, rockin' through the night.

Session 2

Events of Interest!

After meeting a new friend in the Rat Shack, we headed out into a spooky cave and killed a spider (100 XP). Traveling through the cave, we found a strange collection of skeletons and a chest. They seemed to be Tien soldiers of some kind judging by their armour and weapons.
After a dramatic duel with lots of bombs, we defeated the undead horde, and claimed some sweet, sweet loot (402 XP). And we fought a weird amoeba, because why not (100XP)?

Lots and lots of time in town selling and bartering and buying to set up the team for awesome. And thanks to the discovery of a misplaced letter, we have a grant ole adventure to set out on with our Caravan o’ Doom on a trek to Brinewall. And during this lovely downtime, Dyna continued to get closer to Ameiko (300XP).

Total XP: 2960

Relationships Leader Board!


Sweet, Sweet Loot!


5 Scrolls of Cure Light Wounds (x2), False Life (x1), Water Walk (x1)

Scroll Tube
Detailed map of the marsh – Dyna


Caravan o’ Doom:

Offense: 5
Defense: 2
Mobility: 1
Morale: 1

Wagons: Covered Wagon, Fortune-Teller Wagon, Supply Wagon

Feats: Scavenger & Enhanced Caravan

Gear: Wagon Reinforcements (x3, 3 cargo), Ballista (x1, 4 cargo), Repair Materials (x1, 1 cargo), 10 Stores (~33 days)


scpredmage Gray_the_Chronicler

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