Jade Regent

A Haunting Discovery

Session 4

Events of Interest!

Kicked open doors and killed a haunt (150XP), found a bathroom, looked at some very nice flatware (100gp), and killed an attic whisperer (300XP).

We killed a jerko cleric of Pazuzu and a giant Mobat (500XP). and we cleaned a shrine of Desna.

Then we killed a very nice Harpy (400XP). Looted some stuff, and then killed a Quickling (200XP). As we continued to search, we found some loot and killed a giant bug (200XP). we killed a bunch of birds (800XP), searched some stuff, and returned to the caravan.

We have the magic phylactery to the extraplanar cleric of Desna, and she seems chill with us now.

The next day we took out another haunt (300XP). And then we killed a Wight (200XP). And beat Grandpa Wraith (400XP).

Total XP: 9710

Relationships Leader Board!


Sweet, Sweet Loot!

a suit of half-plate armor, a heavy wood shield, four heavy crossbows, 40 crossbow bolts.
mwk morning star, large mwk dagger, earth elemental gem, 1 returning starknife, mwk heavy steel shield, 1st level pearl of power, ring of the ram
Mwk longsword, chainshirt
mwk composite longbow (
2 str), 20 arrows
mwk longsword

Dancing Wasp Kusarigama (12,392gp)

8 Scrolls of Cure Light Wounds (x1), , Water Walk (x1), Cure Moderate Wounds (x3 L), Dispel Magic (x1), remove disease (x1), restoration (x1)
Wand of Inflict Light Wounds (12 charges)
3 Flasks of Holy Water
2 potions of cure mod
4 Blue Winnis
20x cold iron arrows

2 cargo of treasure (125gp, 250gp)
fancy dress (390gp?)
silverware (100gp)
holy symbol of pazuzu (75gp)
pile of stuff (200gp)
2 magical disks (?)
5 ink vials
small statuette of Pazuzu
helm of the commander (200gp)



Only things I see missing from last session after grey left was:

- fought some ogrekin, treasure was 77 gp, spiked gauntlet and +1 flail
- killed a flatbelly and giant hunting spider
- we gave Spivy the phylactery and she joined the caravan (her and Oxgutter have to stay behind at the moment since we don’t have passenger spacr)

Total XP is now 10510 (hit lvl 4) and we need to assign our lvl 3 & 4 friendship points.

A Haunting Discovery
scpredmage Gray_the_Chronicler

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